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Asymmetrical Breasts

YUJIN guarantees you the highest satisfaction with both safety and results.

The Causes of Asymmetric Breasts

Abnormal breast development /Developmental deficit of mammary gland/Bad habits or environment/Breast-feeding

Special Features of YUJIN's Breast Asymmetry Correction

YUJIN has tailors the surgery to each individual patient needs based on a difference in breast size, different height of the inframammary crease, a difference in chest wall, development of breast muscle and position of nipple.
Enlarging the smaller breast to look like the larger one/Increasing breast firmness/Thorough follow-up management/Effect of breast lifting/More self-confidence

Before & After Photo

Mr. Tae Jo Kang, the Director of YUJIN Plastic Surgery, handles 100% of the surgery process from beginning to end for our valuable patients. go to Before & After Photo Page

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