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Flat Nose

An ideal nose may not be made only by prominent or sharp nose. Before operating surgery,

 Flat Nose PICTURE

Hooked Nose

It is often said that someone with a hooked nose has an unfortunate destiny.

 Hooked Nose PICTURE

Curved Nose

Realigning a crooked nose is the surgery where breaking a limb of the crooked nose and locating it to the middle part are conducted in order.

 Curved Nose PICTURE

Long Nose / Arrowhead Nose

 In the case where nasal septum grows excessively long, the surgery is done through making an incision on both nasal mucosas up to lips and then suturing it

 Long Nose / Arrowhead Nose PICTURE

Snub Nose

In this case, rhinoplasty to raise a nose bridge and relocation of cartilage can enable a snub nose to look longer and make the end of a nose look down to normal.

 Snub Nose PICTURE

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