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Autologous Fat Beautiful and Natural Looking Breast. IMAGES

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Implant + Fat Graft

YUJIN's ONE PLUS ONE Breast Surgery!!

Breast Surgery with Implant vs. Breast surgery with Implant + Fat Grafting Images

Through a single breast surgery with implants, it can be possible to enhance the volume of breast as you want to, but breast shape may be round like an upturned bowl.

grafted fat Images

Recommended to followings

01Woman who doesn't like the uniform shape of round breast implant
02Woman who want breast that just looks like natural one
03Woman who isn't satisfied with the shape and feel of breast after getting breast surgery with implant
04Woman who want to enlarge size of breast with natural shape and feel
05Woman who has a narrow chest and small pectoral muscles

Before & After Photo

Mr. Tae Jo Kang, the Director of YUJIN Plastic Surgery, handles 100% of the surgery process from beginning to end for our valuable patients. go to Before & After Photo Page

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