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Before & After Care Program

YUJIN'S Before & After Care Program

Affiliate Program

To relieve patients concerns about the side effects of transplantation of fat, YUJIN Plastic Surgery runsBefore & After Care Program by establishing tie with Gangnam General Hospital.

A thorough inspection of the abnormality of breasts

Before operation is performed, [the abnormality of breast such as breast cancer] is supposed to be checked out, and reexamination to check patient's health is offered after a year.


Vectra, the newest virtual forming medical device, can offer patients the opportunity from which the before and after figure can be checked by scanning the patients body and reorganizing it into 3D.
Consultation about the desired surgery result and the figure after surgery is possible. The accurate expectation about the figure after surgery is possible by virtual forming. The difference in breast volume can be calculated accurately. Patients can check the changed shape before and after surgery.

Maximization of Fat Engraftment - BRAVA

BRAVA is a breast augmentation system approved by US FDA.

The MRI outcome of breast surgery with autologous fat grafting

That the transplanted fat is safely engrafted after autologous fat grafting can be checked through the read of MRI result.

After Care Program

Unbalanced Line Care
Elasticity Care
Bruise Care
Swelling Care